Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pre Tday at the Silnes'

The annual Silnes Pre Tday party was super - they always have the BEST food! Marks deep fried turkey was the best by far. Andrea made a souffle but part of it dripped on the oven...smoke filled the house but really thats normal when we are there. Im not sure why. We had a great time - so glad I cold drink!

Getting ready for grub!

The host and hostess!

Changing the little mans diaper...

Family picture of course

Fist BUMP!

"I just get breast milk and a pacifer? WTF? I want turkey!"

The birthday boys (both Oct 19th)

Aunt Gina loves to feed Jack

Aunt andrea has the magic touch

Collin was a natural (sike)

Ahhh the smoke...typical silnes party

1 comment:

Four to Score said...

looks like jack was the center of attention for sure!

no fair all your other friends get to hold him and i can't... can't you guys come sooner?

what a handsome little fella ;-)