Sunday, November 21, 2010

new treadmill!

I was kinda like "we dont need a treadmill" when danny started looking at Craigslist...but he wanted one and it would be our xmas gift to one another. So he found this Nordictrack one that was 1500 for 800...he got them down to 600. I was still kinda like "thats a lot". But he and my dad picked it up. I just ran on it - I love it! Worth it for sure! It has a built in fan, ipod hookup, big speakers, great big awesome. It folds up too but it really sturdy.

Free weights - check.
Stationary Bike - check.
Bands/Yoga mat/weight bench/workout crap - check.

The workout room is complete! Well not really...need a flat screen :)

The best part about the home gym is you can wear whatever you want - obviously...

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Four to Score said...

love the workout room! i've been pestering ryan for a stair master. i think you can guess what he says to that...

you are a funny funny person miss margaux!