Saturday, August 21, 2010

wedding dress shopping with gina

I met Gina (bride) and another bridesmaid (Maureen) at Big Rock, Little Rooster in the short north to check out dresses Saturday. The boutique is awesome and full of vintage dresses, vera wangs and other designer dresses. Gina picked about 6 to try on. Some ok, some not ok! BUT we found one that is her #1 so far (after going to 2 other stores before this). Its a dress that people would say "gina looks stunning in that dress", instead of "that dress is gorgeous". We accessorized with this huge vintage necklace and fishnet vail. Could look super cute! Mind you, these are iPhone them to view larger :)

She tried on several "ballgrown'ish" styles. This was the best of what we saw...very pretty.

This is a No.
Looked better in person, but No.

Gina has been eyeing feathered dresses but unfortunately, this one had the feathers starting at the wrong spot - just wasnt that flattering in person.

Now I must say, this is the one I told Gina, I wanted to see her in. Its a slub/rough silk...and it fit her amazingly! The boobies part would need a little altering so she isnt pulling it up, but this was todays winner!!

Beautiful sparkly buttons

The necklace really added some glam. the ruching (spelling???) at the top and the where the tight part falls on her is so flattering. Wish my pics were better!!! Loved it!

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Four to Score said...

aaawwww.... wedding dress shopping, how fun! someday i might know how fun it is personally ;-)

i like that last dress the best too. it's definitely something that i would wear. that necklace looked killer with it too!