Saturday, August 14, 2010

30 weeks and Nursery is 99% done - whewww

Ahhh 30 weeks....crazy to think in 10 weeks (if not sooner) we will have a kiddo! We just got the mattress and diaper changing pad thingy and danny hung the curtains - we are 99% done in there! Judy just needs to make the sheets (I picked the fabrics outs :), plus make the rocker pillow (will have a J on 1 side and the hippo silhouette on the other). I really like it. I thought it would be more "industrial" but i like that its young'ish but not too baby. if that makes sense.

The gray rug is made of recycled water bottles and I love the debossed circles!

My view from the rocker - but ill have a little flat sceen on the dresser for those middle of the night feedings (I hear Law and Order is always on...)


Four to Score said...

okay this comment is supposed to go to the post below. and the comment on the post below is supposed to go with this post... whoops!

that invite is suuuuuuper cute! i wish i could come to the shower. but i'm still holding out for maybe coming after you have hime. i really hope i can make that happen ;-)

Tara and Jeff said...

love the nursery! Wish mine was ready in Cleveland already. She's gonna have to be happy in her bassinet for a little while I guess. You look great too, busting out just like me