Saturday, August 28, 2010

1st baby class!

Today was our 1st baby class - "The First Three Months". Was long but we learned a lot! We practiced changing diapers and swaddling on fake babies. We had to bring our own. So a few weeks ago my buddy Barb lent me this doll that she designed baby clothes for. Its likes one of those dolls that crazy old ladies collect - its so real looking i thought it would kill us in our sleep! But its been great for practice. We practice the "pass offs" and stuff around the house. I took the dress off it and put it in Jack clothes. The doll was really helpful today. We learned a lot about safety and what we actually need vs what if out on the market.

Next Thursday is my "Nursing Class" - haha! Today, we watched a video that showed some of that (plus learned high level about it today) and boy was it akward! Boobies! Mom is coming with me to that class - its going to be interesting.

Danny practicing the "football" hold

1st diaper change....and it was on a doll (we both showed good potential)

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Four to Score said...

you guys are soooooo funny!

you know what? i had NEVER held a newborn before in my entire life before having kylee and in an instant you just know what to do. you probably hear that a lot but it's totally true.

have fun at nursing class! i'm guessing that means you plan on breast feeding.... you better get your sleep in now my friend, ha ha ha!