Thursday, August 26, 2010

32 weeks....getting closer!

Ahhhh 32 weeks....this felt like ages away at 1 point and BAM, its here. Ive been so lucky throughout this pregnancy (no morning sickness, a little heartburn - which i thought would totally get worse but hasnt been bad at all, no real swelling, no leg cramps....but definitely lots of peeing and hard to roll over in bed :) My fingers are crossed that I stay so lucky these next 8 weeks.

Jack is kicking up a storm the past few weeks. What does he not have enough room in there??? haha! Danny came up with a perfect name for his kick fits - "Jack Attacks".

Tonight was kickball - Im sad I cant play but I get to yell and ring our "ballbuster cow bell" to annoy the other team. I had to pee so bad and the fact that we play on the statehouse lawn without a bathroom is not good. So I went to a restaurant down the street and told them if they let me pee, Id buy a pickle. Win Win. But we lost lost the game :( Still was a blast.

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Four to Score said...

hi friend! you look so cute. only 8 more weeks! congrats on the not-so-bad heartburn. thanks for rubbing it in ;-)

the next two months are going to be fun, fun, fun.... he he he!

is that an old navy tank? i'm not an old navy fan myself (for me anyway, love their kid clothes though) BUT they have the BEST maternity spaghetti strap tanks and wife beaters. they have the real long ones, i love em.

i never had any of those things towards the end either... swelling, leg cramps, backaches, etc. but then again, i didn't finish the last 5 weeks with either one so who knows?

glad you're feeling so good. if it keeps up the whole time you'd be a perfect candidate for poppin out like 6 or 7!