Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jacks 3rd dinosaur birthday!

1. I can't believe he is 3. 2. It rained on his party day again! But that didn't stop us from having a roaring good time! We had a Dino dig, decorate your own din-oculars, bouncy house (that jack now owns:) in the garage and lots of blow up dinosaurs to keep the kids entertained! I think they all had a good time since there no cries (except for jack when daddy tried to take his new light upstairs). 

Danny's coworker made the cake!

Judy's Dino eggs were a hit!
Dino dig with macaroni!
The kids decorated their own binoculars (or as jack calls them din-oculars)

Thanks for coming pails!

Bouncy house in the garage lol

Attack daddy!

My fav pic of the day ;)

He got a big construction light from grandma!
Grandpa and juju got him a real bike!

Testing out his new wheels! He did pretty good!!!

Happy birthday jack attack!

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