Sunday, October 20, 2013


Another Noonan wedding is in the books! And it was our 5th anniversary :) we ditched the kids with my dad and stepmom, hopped on an early flight and were kid free for 2.5 days :)

We decided to make Friday (our anniversary) a touristy day. We've been to Chicago like over a dozen times, but wanted to check a few things off the list. We took the L into town and: 

Walked a ton.

Hit up navy pier for lunch - check
Took a boat ride down the river - check

Went to millennium park and the bean - check.
After a nap, we went to aunt Mary v's to hang with the Noonans, drink beer and pizza. A perfect day.

The next morning we did some shopping and took another nap! A luxury since we usually have 2 kids on us :)

we headed to the church with Danny's folks. A beautiful ceremony! 

Caught up with the bride and groom pre cocktail hour.

The tables were so cute! Each had a picture of a family members wedding day. We got to sit at our own table. 

Now here is where the night gets a little crazy. Some friend of the cousins paid the wedding dj to come dj in his room. After we were convinced he took the money and left, he showed up with a huge speaker ready to go! We thought the party would last 2 mins....surprisingly it was 25 or do mins before we got busted. It was like a total after prom party. Best quote: all the moms are dancing on the bed. Fun trip. Mary's is next in March!

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