Friday, September 14, 2012

Bridget & Robert tie the knot!

Another Chicago wedding! This time Robert was getting hitched. Our babysitter actually bailed on us 1 week before and the bride Bridget (who totally didn't have to help) found us one. Frannys babysitters roommate! So worked out perfect.

We drive up Friday late afternoon and hit major rain in Indy. I sat in the back with the kiddos while Danny made his slow way through it. We got to the hotel and Danny's parents were just coming home from the ballgame. Jack saw grandpa in the hallway and ran up to him (I bet grandpas heart melted). Then we all hungout in our suite. Grandpa read to jack his favorite book "Grandpa is a white sox fan, daddy is a white sox fan, and I'm a white sox fan". Was too cute.

Saturday was glorious fall weather. The party was super fun, Bridget looked amazing, and the best men looked phenomenal.

Sunday before we checked in to our beach house, grandpa, grandma, and us went to watch the Bears game. Good times!

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