Saturday, September 29, 2012

Homemade ABC board book!

1. I bought some board books from bare books online (chunky 8x8).
2. I designed pages with pictures of each kid either doing or with that letter (example: jack is petting a goat for G or Riley is wearing a hat for H)
3. I printed them out and laminated them with a xyron (with sticky back). I cut them down but not to the size of the page yet.
4. Then i carefully mounted them to the pages but not over the folds (that would cause the laminated pages to bubble).
5. After I mounted each page, I trimmed them to the size of the book with an xacto...presto!

The laminated pages are great for sticky or dirty hands - washes right off!

I'm sooooo obsessed! I'm ordering the 5x5s for smaller ones!!

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