Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rileys 1st day of school

 All dressed and ready for school! Jack went that day too so he could pop in and say HI :)

Here is Diane - one of her teachers. She was also Jacks and shes been waiting 3 months for this day! The rumor is Riley had a great first day. At one point, Jack was asking about Riley so Diane brought her over and they were smiling at each other - awwww.

Thats Connor and Kate. Kate turned 1 this week so she will be transitioning to the Toddler room soon!

This is William - he is a tank! At 3 months he was 18lbs!! Anyways, all week, he and Riley smiled and flirted a bunch. 

And thats her class - 4 kids LOL!

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