Sunday, June 3, 2012

The amazing Jack

Seriously - I dont have any reference for kids and what they are supposed to do at 19 months, but he is just amazing! He is on a word and sentence explosion!!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See Book - can point out and say what each animal is

Farm Book - can find and say each animal AND what sounds they make (cow moooo, sheep baaaa, horsies naaayyy, fire truck woo ooo wooo ooo - ok thats not in the book lol...)

We had tacos on Monday - more tacos please (seriously LOL)

We have been working on 1-2-3. When we go up or down stairs we say them (currently working holding up fingers and saying how many are up)

Today we taught him beer - so he sees the bottle and says "daddys beer" now YES!!

Im sure there are lots more but these are what I can think of from this week. I cant wait for you to teach Riley!

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