Sunday, August 14, 2011

July and Early August fun

July and the start of August has been busy! Jacks getting so big...what a little boy! Hes eating a ton of regular food, getting to be a pro at the sippy cup, walking around all the furniture, and chatting like he is really trying to tell us stuff. Heres a few random and in no order pics from the past few weeks.

Yesterday Grandma wanted to go to a local kiddie festival. Jack was still too small for the rides but he liked watching them (especially the people watching!)

Listening to a band

Dancing with mom
1st train ride with grandma
Avery and Jack at school racing in the hallway
Jack is only at daycare on Tuesdays and Fridays - and turns out Tuesdays are boy day! only jack, andrew and henry!

He just walks and pulls up on everything. this morning he was helping mom get ready for work.
Beef a roni!
A new spiderman bike from Grandpa and Grandma Corrigan
Hanging outside with parker
playing with trucks - he loves them
Jack is ready to walk any time now....he loves pushing his walker around the house

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