Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ribs Ribs Ribs

This weekend was awesome. Friday night was a cold cookout at Andrea and Mark's with the TRHHSAC. Eventhough the temp dropped, it was fun a night (sober for me!).

PS: Yay my tulips are up!

Saturday we woke up, danny worked a few hours and i did some house stuff. Then we took a long 10,000 steps walk with Parker, looking at houses and loving the weather. Then we came home and made some RIBS! We've never made them before but totally going to make them again - finger licking good! 1st, we made some rub and popped them in the oven for a few hours. Next time we'll marinate longer, but not knowing they still were amazing.

Next onto the grill and brush with the bbq sauce...can you smell them?

Then onto a football platter and ready to dig in!

Sunday Danny fertilized, mowed - all that outdoor good stuff. I planted some flowers in pots for the deck. Danny watched the Masters (go Phil!) and Robin had a neighborhood cookout. I brought baked beans...yum. Was a perfect end to a perfect weekend. Dont want to go to work tomorrow - booooo!!!

More tulips. They are my favorite spring flowers....

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Four to Score said...

your tulips look amazing! i love tulips too but i think lillies are my fav...

you must still be feeling well to have had such a great weekend.

those ribs look fantastic, yummy!

keep up the exercise as long as you can, you will NOT regret it in the long run, i promise!

yay for new skinny jeans! they'll fit for a while and then all of a sudden one day you'll wake up and your tummy will have "popped", as well as the top button of your jeans, ha!