Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here comes baby! 11 weeks

Yep - we have a bun in the oven!! We decided after our 1st anniversary that we would give it a whirl and dannys boys can swim. On the 3rd months try (fresh new egg of 2010) I was late so we took a test and BAM, there it was! It was the day after Vday and what a great surprise!

Here is my tumy at 5 weeks - ok it looks just like I ate but still!
Then end Feb 27th we invited mom over to watch the Olympics and I made us we took a picture of her with her "Go Team USA" then she took a picture of us, but then and we turned it around to reveal a message "U R Going 2 B A Grandma" and she froze!! After I thought she was going to pass out I got a picture, then she got excited! It was soooo funny. After silence and shaking she yelled "Good job Danny!" to which he replied "My pleasure." Hilarious.
Week 7 we went for our 1st apt and we got an ultrasound - there it is! We saw the heartbeat flickering and heard the "whosh whosh". so cool. I even did amazing when they drew blood....which if you know me, I hate anything medical...I freak out. I better get used to it!
It was soooo hard not to tell Dannys parents but we waited until we got to Arizona for Kims wedding. Well actually, dannys dad knew which totally helped b/c he could order me the virgin margaritas and O'Douls. We kept it quiet till after the wedding when at breakfast we brought suprises for them - mugs with their faces on it and their new titles (grandpa/grandma/uncle/aunt). It took them a second to get it - even Kim! Dannys mom was just so happy to have a mug with her picture that she didnt even see the Grandma - she is so cute. But then she got it!

Opening the bags...
Kim figured it out!
Mrs C got it! Instant tears :)

Proud grandpa!

Here is my belly at 10 weeks:
And today we had a Dr's apt and we heard the heartbeat on the outside of my belly. The Dr said everything is Perfect (lab results, the beating...all of it) Great News!!!!

My 1st 11 weeks I actually felt super! Only a few days I didnt feel myself but nothing bad. Except I did get sick at the AZ airport the day we were leaving - threw up at the airport - gross!! But that was the worst by far :) Im sooo lucky. Cant wait to find out what we are having!


klakat said...

YEAH I LITERALLY ALMOST PASSED OUT...!!!! Complete with shaking knees and uncontrolled shaking hands!! SO SO SO SO SO ELATED!! Profoundly greatful to soon be a GRANDMOTHER, ... THE BEAT GOES ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hayley said...

Congrats Margaux! I think you will be a super fab momma! Can't wait to see updates too. I so thought this was an april fools until I saw the ultra sound.

Four to Score said...

oh ha ha! hayley's funny... that would be an awesome "aprils fools!!!"

you found out on my bday and waited to tell me for 5 more weeks?! bad margaux.

those mugs are super duper cute! that's why you're my famous friend ;-)

we can't wait to see little C. i'm hoping for a visit back to az after baby? or maybe i could talk ryan into letting me come see you guys by myself?! yeah freakin right, but i'll work on it i swear! actually, that would be way RAD...

Tara and Jeff said...

Ok I admit I cried when Jeff sneaked a text msg to me while he was taking the wedding pics...I wanted to call so bad too. I'm so excited for you and I know you both are gonna love parenthood ! Now I really hope we get Cleveland !!!