Sunday, April 18, 2010

Date Weekend

Date weekend came and went - too fast like most weekends do :( Danny brought home movies and flowers friday niht - great way to kick off date weekend :) We ate pizza and watched Brothers - real good. He also got Sherlock Holmes but I was too pooped to stay up for another movie.

Saturday we drove up to Cleveland to see the White Sox play the Indians. Good thing we got there early because the Cavs were playing the Bulls in a playoff game right next door! We got a good parking spot and ate at the Winking Lizard. Great wings. I had a Buckler non-alcoholic which was actually really good.

The Cavs had a "fanzone" set up outside - i make an ugly Shaq.
The game was sooooooo cold. We only stayed till the top of the 4th! But we harassed a bunch of players and got an autograph. The whole trip was fun despite it being cold - Cleveland is just cold and nasty - I swear whenever we go there is a cloud over it. Columbus was sunny and mild!

Omar signed Dannys ball and was super nice.
Gotta love the pregame stretching (this was taken with my cellphone - on Facebook within a minute)

Today we woke up bright & early and went to one of our favorite breakfast joints - and didnt have a wait! 1st time ever!

After some errands, came home and we switched out the guest room dressers with ours. The change is good. We just need to remount the TV.

Master with guest room dressers:
I wish the pictures were better, but the room really does look awesome in person. That vintage fan should probably move though :)

Guest room with master dresser, side table (not pictured) new curtain, and office leather chair
We have a great gameplan for the nursery (even picked out the new solid bamboo flooring today!!) so cant wait to start that project :) And the office will now be an office-gym mix since the babys room is the current gym.

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Four to Score said...

hey that guest room has "colleen" written all over it for when baby c comes! for real, i'm gonna work on a trip out there SOLO! it's more than needed ;-)

date weekend sounds so fun - get it all in now sista. that's all i gotta say!

and i'm sure the new set ups in the rooms look awesome, i'm sure they did before too though!