Sunday, April 4, 2010


Easter Sunday - again! Boy time is flying. And it was the 4th Annual Corrigan Easter at our place. We woke up and did a 10,000 steps walk with Parker (= about 4 miles) and it was gorgeous this morning. The great weather lasted all day (still sunny even now at 6:30).

We got a new grill yesterday - and I love it. Its red and the design is slick (the sides even fold down) - yes Im much more about looks than function if you couldnt tell from my interior design style. We did grill some steaks last night and they were perfection so I think it will work out just fine :)
We set up the Annual Corrigan Cornhole Easter Tournament in the front yard this year. Mainly b/c the backyard isnt as flat.

Here was this years trophy - dad was pretty confident that he was going to be taking that home - but who can blame him, he has won the past 2 years.
We had a good # amount this year so we added a table to end of our table. Again, Im all about looks but held it together even with moving the table 90 OCD didnt go off the charts - amazing.
Dad is planning his strategy. Didnt work! The Corrigans kept the trophy this year!
Good form though dad.
Parker loved the weather.
We even pulled a bistro table the front to hold drinks. haha. I hated the idea but it was needed.
For whatever reason, we always take a family picture in the kitchen....
Time to eat some ham!

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Four to Score said...

you and your ocd, ha ha! i think you may just have something else comin in a few more months, he he ;-)

what a fun easter! congrats on the trophy. you look great, hope you're feeling great!