Sunday, September 12, 2010

baby shower!

Baby shower 2010: Mom and my step-mom Judy did a great job. Lots of great food and decor. The day was kinda hectic from the start! 1. Mom gets a call from one of her tenants - a shower is leaking into the downstairs! 2. Both Gahanna, OH exits are blocked with construction and an accident (people stuck in the traffic), 3. Mary White (80+ years old) didnt even make it into the house b/c she fell backwards off the front steps! Thank god she was OK but mom called the ambulance (against marys will) but man, there were some hot medics! that got us girls are excited!

Despite the above, it was a great time and my friends and family gave us super gifts. We are so lucky to have great people in our lives. Next on the agenda: the arrival!

Thank you candy bags with the trademark hippo :)

Getting the house set up. BTW everyone was in the kitchen, dining room and great room - no one in the livingroom or basement so got packed!

The co-hosts!

Beckys sister made the cupcakes and they were delicious!

My cupcake toppers - they turned out sooo cute!

The medics! I didnt want to go out and take pics so i took it from the window.

Gina was in charge of the game and she killed it. She did "Jackardy" - a play on Jeopardy! All the answers had "jack" in them. Even her prizes were "jack" related! 1st place: Kendall JACKson wine, 2nd place: A light up JACK o'lantern, 3rd place: a box of apple JACKS.

Becky got 3rd place!

Barb made this adorable hippo pillow!!! plus matching bibs - she totally needs to sell these. I got lots of handmade gifts from my crafty friends. I love them!

Judy finished Jacks quilt that matches his room!

She also made these J A C K pillows! too cute.

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Four to Score said...

his bedding is soooooo darn cute!

that dress you wore is waaaaay adorable.

your house looks fabulous of course. i'm still curious if anybody really lives there or not?!

those cupcakes look like they were TO-DIE-FOR!