Sunday, September 26, 2010

gina and collin engagement shots

Gina and Collin wanted me (yes me) to take some engagement pics of them Saturday (now of course Ill be designing ALL they wedding invites/save the dates/seating cards ect) so was happy to take pics of them. We took these at a park near their house. I wanted to take some in their neighborhood - its old german village with old brick homes and stone streets BUT Gina was dying! It was only 74 out but posing and the sun, she was sweating up a storm. Maybe next weekend we will. These were just done with my Sony point and click (carl zeiss lens at least!!). I added some color tweaks and they turned out pretty good. I love taking pics - now if i only had a nice camera and maybe a class!

Here are some!

These are NOT their save the dates, but just showing her with the pics, what we could do.


Tara and Jeff said...

great job Marguex, so much talent !

Four to Score said...

these pic are great! i bet tara was super happy with them. did you have fun?