Sunday, May 10, 2009


So it was the most amazing bday weekend EVER! Work was STELLAR (they threw me a breakfast club party!), Then off to a clippers game that night. Which it rained, however the new stadium has a huge bar on the 2nd floor that over looks the field - so did some damage up there!

OH and Danny had my name on the big screen!
But the best part was that they screwed up and it said I was 29! haha!

THEN after too many shots, we get in the car and Im ready to puke. Somehow we ended up at the airport and JONI was there with a Tina Turner face cutout! I could NOT believe it. 1. I was a second away from throwing up (which I did later) and 2. i didnt know what was going on. The best surprise "operation punky brewtser" thanks to danny and joni.

The next day I surprisly did well and we shopped all over for extra 80's gear for our party. We found the most hideous backdrop for our "glamour shots" set up!

Finally the 30th party arrived. we had such a blast. Jessi and Josh got us an old school polariod camera even. We drank cheap beer, ate white castles, danced, and sang 80's kaeoke songs!!

I had to put Joni back on the plane today - so sad - vapors :( BUT danny pulled such a good one on me having her come! Was just unbelievable. LOVE YOU MY 20 SOMETHING HUSBAND. Well just till tomorrow - this party is still not over!


Four to Score said...

awwwww.... sounds like you had THE BEST birthday ever. i'm still laughing about the puking and not knowing what was going on at the airport! or maybe i'm still laughing at danny aka bret michaels. the single picture you have of him against that backdrop is probably the funniest f'in picture i have ever seen in my entire life. danny seems like the best gift giver ever. he should talk to ryan more often, ha! i'm glad you had a great weekend, i wish we could have been there for it ;-(

Tara and Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Marguex!