Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Last day in my 20's

WOW! i dont feel 30 BUT when I think about when I was in my teens how FAR 30 was away - and its here! Crazy!

Ive had a great 29 years and 364 days - growing up i had lots of friends and lots of freedoms. high school I was lucky enough to attend a private school where I could be captains of tennis/lacrosse/basketballs teams and excell at whatever I put my mind to PLUS made great friendships. College I got to go to Boston University and enjoy lots of traveling with all the fun of the college life. Then moved to PHX and started a carrier as a graphic designer - 5 years later, met the man of my dreams and move back to my hometown to start a new life and get married!

I hear the 30's are great so bring it on!


Four to Score said...

so what happened to the man of your dreams? did you leave him in phx?

you look THE exact same as that pic! ha!

happy 30th! can you believe it? 30 used to be so old to me. whatever.

when are you coming back to visit?

Tara and Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Girl ! I'm next

kathy said...

AWWWW...Your last day of your 20's!Wonderful to hear "great 29 yrs....and indeed you had lots of friends and lots of freedoms"...You were worthy of those freedoms!...You earned them! stellar student...(from kindergarten on) Eager to take on various responsiblities as you grew into them, tremendous work ethic, always cheerful, (wasn't always easy for us either!)..rarely a complainer! Yea..attending private school was critically important for many reasons, establishing lifelong solid friendships, just one!...YOUR 30 now...WHEW!!! SO PROUD OF YOU! MOM X0X