Sunday, May 17, 2009

Race for the Cure - F U cancer!

This weekend was race for the cure. it was recording breaking withthe city raising over $2 million, 45,000 people participated PLUS danny and I beat our last time - 27.44 for 5k! I was dying by the last .25 miles - in fact, i was hoping they would give me an oxygen mask! BUT we did it! Staying out the night before drinking on mark and andreas porch was probably not the best idea...

Afterwards we all went to breakfast - then I slept till 4pm.

Today was a good one, danny is now grilling and me - I relaxed with a glass of wine, listening to the birds and reading tabloid magazine goodness.


Four to Score said...

hope you enjoy your glass of wine, listening to the birds, and reading your gossip mag cause when you guys decide to have a baby you can say BYE BYE to those kinds of things, ha! race for the cure looks like fun. i'd have to be life-flighted out of something like that ;-)

Tara and Jeff said...

I miss do my 5K's , those were fun, reminds me of when I went to Sedona for one.