Monday, May 25, 2009

we need more 3 day weekends!!!

lets invent some more holidays so we can all have great weekends like this one. we were busy BUT it was a good busy. Friday night we did nothing. Saturday we went to jessi and joshs for some keg wiffle ball. PBR on tap, sunshine, a guy with a clown cant beat it. Danny's team won.

next, we headed to my dads house for a cookout. my aunt and uncle from canada were in town so had some good food and caught up.

Sunday we went camping at buckeye lake. had a blast! its close so we are 100% going again, super soon!

Parker went swmming - much better this time than the last.
It rained for about 20 mins, so had to go into the tent...we played war!

Had to bring cornhole....
Colleen - this is Danny pretending to be Ryan...the best he could.

Cool old barn we saw.
I swear this is the house that crushed the wicked witch....

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Four to Score said...

the camping trip looks like so much fun! really, the whole weekend looks like a lot of fun! i guess the weather is nice now? i love the pic of parker with the beer, that's my kinda puppy ;-) nice pic of danny imitating ryan. i got that text pic on sunday but i was a little too busy to respond to it. danny's mom dropped a gift off for the kids on monday. i wish she would just knock! i'm not sure she's ever seen nolan?