Sunday, October 7, 2012

T minus 11 days...

And we will have a 2 year old (though you ask him how old he is now and he says 2).

This year he went from an only child to older brother, from a babbling kid to a talking boy, a kid who needed us to "jack do it" on everything, from a nighttime bottle to animated story time...

He's just the smartest, kindness, lovable boy. His laugh is infectious and his brilliance will leave you in awe.

Currently he talks in small sentences (and can't shut him up), when Riley is upset he runs right over and try's to make her laugh, he plays pretend with his trucks (loading them up and dumping them out), pretends to eat "oatmeal" and "pizza", repeats everything back (watch what you say), tries to count :), loves watching Calliou and Super Why, can throw a ball perfectly and even starting to catch (seriously a natural!)... Like always the list is endless.

But jack you've grown up so much this year into my little man and mommy and daddy couldn't be prouder!

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