Sunday, April 5, 2009

lazy long weekend

Well having friday off b/c of all the hours during the week was nice but I worried all day about a few jobs that had to get out the door. i did however: mop the floors, clean the master, buy a new bikini (cozumel!), meet danny at work and eat chiptole, rent a movie & make dinner (nothing fancy).

Saturday was a cookout at Ginas which was so much fun BUT not as warm as we had hoped.

Ive always liked taking pictures and now Im trying to take cool shots...


This is tiny - eventhough he looks huge:

We brought a beer mug candle. Dont get burned by the wax.

Gina decides to wrestle danny.

Then she breastfeeds Tiny.

Today mom and I ate lunch outside at Old Bag of Nails - was great weather.

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Four to Score said...

yay for bbqs! but you're right, it surely doesn't look like bbq weather! where are the flip flops and sunburns? is it more like freezer burn for you guys? i think we will be having our 1st bbq this weekend, maybe. you guys wanna come?