Sunday, March 29, 2009

spring time means spring projects

So we LOVE our house and have done sooo many upgrades, but the ugly flooring between our garage and livingroom was really bad. Its old laminate sheet flooring that was white but really stained more of a yellow - yuck. Not only is it in the hallway, but extends into the laundry room and the 1st floor bathroom. Such an eyesore.

We wanted to tile it but that would require my brothers help, so I got some laminate tile and did it myself. Really did not take long (5 hours) but I ran out of tiles (around the toliet). So Ill finish that up this week. Its a great improvment over the gross flooring before. Again, Im not advoacting laminate flooring, but works for me and my OCD for now!

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Four to Score said...

fantastic job on the laminate tile. it looks great! i wont tell anyone it's fake, i promise. i wish we would do some home renovations, that would be awesome.... it's only been two years since we moved in here!