Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Phoenix Phun

Just got back from PHX. We had a great time BUT danny got super sick come sunday :(

He was a trooper but slept a lot, so we didnt get to see as many of our friends as possible. Bummer. Since dannys sister is engaged, we will hopefully be back for some wedding prep soon.

Here are some pics...i have a ton but heres some:

We didnt tell dannys mom - so we showed up at dinner outwith Kim and Gary....danny got her good.

Off to a ballgame - dang we miss spring training.

The White Sox beat the Rangers in the 9th with a walk-off homer. Joni & Austin came! Danny and Austin got some good autographs and I got Harold Baines to sign my beer cup. Its all had on me.

We look soooo fake in this photo - pretty funny!
Only in the sun 3 hours and BAM farmers tan.
That night hit up Iguana Macs and Dos Gringos with Frank, Tanya, Leo, Magda, Josh "Pitboss", Austin and Joni.

Too many shots and a VERY late night. Didnt help Danny with being sick.
Had a BBQ at Kim and Garys...I had to take some photos!

Getting in a little sunshine before leaving.

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Four to Score said...

even though danny got sick (hangover?), it looks like you guys had fun. nice farmers tan, you should see my farmers burn! i wish we could have been here to see you guys. but i totally wouldn't have let you bring danny over sick on sunday so you guys probably wouldn't have been able to see the kids anyway... well, unless you had already come over before. hopefully you guys come back for some wedding planning for kathy, yay!