Thursday, February 16, 2012


This Vday was done in parts :) Jack had his school Vday party on Friday the 10th because thats the day all the kids are there. Jack brought cards for his friends and was in charge of the cheese platter - in the shape of a heart of course :)


 Jack painted some hearts for his grandmas and great grandmas!

Sunday I woke up and made the boys pink pancakes! Danny got his in the shape of hearts - awww.

 Monday, Grandma and Jack made me a special card - i love it!

Monday night, Danny made me my favorite dinner - linguine with clam sauce. So good. He also made some chocolate covered strawberries - he's so clever. Love that man. Hope everyone had a great Vday this year!

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Four to Score said...

you're a super luck girl margaux! happy valentine's day to you and the whole fam!!