Sunday, February 5, 2012

superbowl SUPER weekend

Superbowl weekend was super awesome (and the game is on right now). Saturday we went to the science museum (COSI- voted best in the nation :). Jack loves the playzone. We got a family pass plus an extra guest so the grandparents can take him when they babysit. Fun time!

 Reporting the news from 1957...

Sunday we woke up and worked on some art projects for Vday. I love that jack doesnt like to use his fingers - instead he is all about the brush. 

Then because it was gorgeous out, we had to take an advantage - off to see if the duckies were out to play. 

DANG -  I look ready to pop!
 Jack ran up to the window at Cold Stone so we had to get some ice cream (we had a little there then took it home to munch on the rest of the day). He was sitting in a regular chair and looked like such a big kid. adorable.

Football time!! Jack has a Manning Colts jersey which is supposed to be for next year (kinda big) - but ya, he might not be there :( Therefore, we both rocked out Manning jerseys for the game (gotta root for his brother - Eli! Eli!)

 Giants touchdown!! He came running in the room doing it LOL.


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