Monday, February 27, 2012

surprise shower for #2

Friday was a fun day at work - my coworkers threw me a shower....outside the office! We never leave haha, so I was totally shocked to see everyone at Piada! Brenda (my boss) sent a secret email that the paper team (there is paper - which i do, plus other hard and soft good teams) was going out to lunch b/c we are awesome LOL. I didnt think anything about it but "sweet!". Sometimes we get "surprise and delights". I even lied to one coworker who isnt on the paper team when I saw her leaving - she claimed she was going to Target and asked if I needed anything - I lied and said I was going out later...nice Margaux, totally lied and she knew it.

Anyways, it was so sweet. Being that etiquette is you only get one shower for your first, I didnt even think about getting another (though I know people like to throw "sprinkles" sometimes for 2nd kiddos.) We dont need anything either, but they are very excited for this girl to get here. :) Thanks guys - Ill miss you during my 3 months off - no really I will :)

Of course the had yellow and gray decor!

These cupcakes are made my an old coworker who started her own bakery business and they were amazing!!!!!
 It just happened that I wore gray and yellow that day too!
 The most girly socks ever - of course as a joke - they all know im a tomboy :)

 I have some Sperrys and now she does too! The match mine exactly but in a size 4!!

 The family!!

It was soooo windy out! Julie got the idea that I should just let the balloons go - oh goodness! It felt so odd letting them go (as you can tell by my face!!!) but up and away they went!

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