Sunday, February 19, 2012

Surprise weekend!!

What a great weekend. I feel so lucky. But of course, things dont always turn out how you plan :) Since my new car didnt have leather, Danny asked the dealship to put it in - sweet! Well they had it longer than expected BUT they were dropping the car off the vcar at our house Friday night - woo hoo! Well The guy came and I waited with Jack inside. 10 mins later Danny comes in but the guy leaves in my car - huh? Well Danny said the leather is amazing (better than the factory leather that was in my last Grand Cherokee)...BUT he was surprising me with heated seats and they didnt work!!! So the start to dannys surprise weekend wasnt as planned - though he is so thoughtful. 

Then Parker peed 2 times in the house - that usually means she has a UTI - so saturday morning danny had to take her to the dr - $ spend on the apt, urine test and antibotics. Bummer.

BUT there was a #2 surprise: danny lined up my dad and stepmom to watch jack plus parker going to the neighbors while we went out for the night!!! So we packed bags and went to grandpas! We got back in the car after the dropoff and danny forgot his wallet!!! He said we had an hour+ drive so I was like "we need your wallet!". We started to drive back to our house through downtown and he pulled into this amazing hotel called the The Lofts - our home for the night - woo hoo!!! But we had to drive home to get his wallet LOL! We got back to the hotel quickly and the room was amazing - Its an old 1882 building that was renovated - we were on the 4th floor (out of 5) corner room - HUGE! The pics arent good but it was totally corrigan style, exposed ceilings, large old windows, beautiful bathroom, brick...awesome!

 Even the hallways were so cool.
Dinner was at this indie-pizza joint not far from the hotel. The atmosphere wasnt that great BUT the food was super yum. Its pretty new and they only had a liqueur license so only booze but no beer or wine - crazy! After that, we walked back to the hotel then out to get some dessert and drinks (me a glass of wine) BUT every place was packed. So we tried the North Market (a venue of artists/local food booths) to get an Ohio bottle of wine and some fresh made desserts but they closed at 7! So we walked back to the hotel, had drinks and homemade cookies at the hotel restaurant - which was perfect. 

After that, I took a nice bath and feel asleep in my hotel robe!

We woke up early (habit I guess), but got room service breakfast and hungout in our PJs till 10:20am. Was such a great time - danny i love you sooo much and you spoil me - im so lucky :)

Well another surprise is our friends Josh and Jessi had their kiddo on saturday! He was due on Wed but was taking his time. We were 100% sure he would just wait till the induction scheduled for this Monday but nope - came on his own! So after we checked out, we headed to OSU hospital to meet Holden! We got there and he was just finishing up his circumcision - great timing! But I have the distinct honor of being the 1st to hold him after his snip!

Hes such a cutie with lots of hair! Welcome Holden!

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