Sunday, February 19, 2012

16 months

16 months old - some days I think he's 8 years old. The past month he has just gotten so big! Not physically LOL but he is just so smart and he wants to do it all himself. 

Somehow he knew that a drill makes screws go in, so we just got him a play drill set yesterday. We will even say "wheres your drill?" and he'll get it. He takes the drill and tries to fix things...adorable.

He says "more" for more food, but also "no" when he doesnt. When he sees water on TV, ice, or rain outside he says its "wah wah" (which is great b/c he knows water isnt just in the cup!). He loves trucks and calls his favorite truck by name "backhoe". He has his own words that are close to the real things, like he calls the school bus by a group of words which isnt exactly "school bus" but he tries. 

Even though he cant say words, he knows exactly what you want/mean: dinner, he goes to his chair and tries to climb it, ask where elmo is and he gets his elmo stuffed animal, ask him about the baby, and he gets the doll - hugs and kisses it - the list is endless.

He can walk up the stairs when you hold his hand - 1 foot in the front of the other.

When we are done in the tub and I say "we're all done" - he pulls the plug out and hands it to me. 

He's been great with the body parts for a few months, but now you say "wheres moms ears" - he touches them - ears, nose, belly, teeth, tongue, head...on you.

Danny has even got him picking up and putting away his toys! You say "toys away" and he puts them in the toy bins!

Jack will also now play catch - well he wont catch but he will throw when you ask him too - good arm kid!

Im so proud of him and cant wait for him to teach his new sister the ropes!

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