Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winterfair and Wildlights at the Zoo

This weekend my mom had Winterfair - a local artshow which is great so she doesnt have to travel. We went to visit her saturday morning and explore....

In grandma's booth

Grandmas new serving dishes - she sold out of them!


Saturday night was Limited Brands night at the Columbus Zoo Wildlights. Free parking, free admission, they rented out the activities pavillion (with free dinner, santa, music etc), plus $20 in zoo cash - score! We got there at 4:30 while it was still a little light out to go see the Polar bears (which we missed last time).

Looking for Polar Bears in the underwater viewing section underground - none were there.

Theres one - hanging out

so excited...

...had to give dada a hug

Had to get jack a light saber!

So we were the 4th family in line to get into the pavillion and they wer at capacity - 30 min wait!!! But Jungle Jack Hanna just happen to show up and sign some autographs. He didnt have time to pose and I took a really bad picture - booo! But still was cool.

He LOVED the candy cane....who wouldnt.

The Zoo Wildlights are awesome - around the lake they have a timed to music show.

Typical 13 month old with Santa...classic :) Great time!!!

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