Sunday, December 4, 2011

This weeks jack tricks

Im not going to do this every week - but I will say, I use this blog to do his books as a reminder of when he does what - so helpful!!

This week he amazed us some more:

• Banana (sees or wants some ) - Says "nana"
• You ask "wheres your tongue?" - he sticks it out at you
• You ask "wheres your mouth" - points to his mouth (he now knows all the face parts - time to move to a new body section!)
• He makes a clicking noise with his tongue on the roof of his mouth - too cute
• FINALLY back to saying "mom" and "momma" to me. i prefer "mom" - its just the cutest. Been months kiddo!
• He is just about there with blowing kisses - he gets the 1st part covering his mouth but taking the hand off the mouth is hit or miss...maybe next week he will be 100% committed to it :)

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