Monday, December 26, 2011

Molos Christmas Vacation Party

Last weekend was the annual TRHHSAC Xmas party - held at the Mosers new house. The theme was Christmas Vacation! I should have just came dressed as Margo dang it (I dont know Margooo!) - when will i have the chance to dress like someone of my name ever again! UGH!

Gina and Danny came as Uncle Eddie (shitters full!)
Then we had 3 Clarks.

Jack came as Santa - we stuffed him that suit...barely fit!
Uncle Mark and Auntie Andrea brought Jack a gift! A school bus - he loves it.
The Silnes' at first got our gifts on the elephant exchange....
 Danny got a wine opener - best gift of the night...but the Silni had the last turn so they stole it and we got ours back! However, we left the Corona bottle and trivial pursuit on the front porch as we left hahahahahah!
The Mosers with their Nationwide Insurance travel mugs.
Then we all played Taboo - the crew is just not good at playing games. They get heated. this was reminiscent of the board game olympics of 2010....lots of bickering and lots of "timeouts" - but thats how we roll!!!!!!!! Good times were had by all!

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