Sunday, December 18, 2011

NYC for the day

The directors treated us to a day of shopping in NYC for the holidays last week. 1/2 of the group went Monday and the other half (including me) went Wednesday. The last time I went was in the summer, so was a tad worried about walking the city in the cold!! But we had specatular weather - not a cloud in the sky and 40s!

The Limited Brands shuttle takes off at 6:45, but its a private terminal and no need to check in - just show your Limited Brands badge. It was raining so we got to load up in the hanger - Entourage style LOL.

 Beautiful ride in from Tetterboro Airport with the sun and skyline...and I didnt even get car sick.

 The shops didnt open til 10 so after the chartered bus dropped us off, we made a pitstop at Rockefeller...
 The 2 pregnant gals.

 Lauren and I ran over to see the Today show...Hoda and Kathy Lee were on.

 We stopped at St Patricks church to check it out the architecture and light candles.

 While at Bendels - I saw journalist David Gregory - dang he was tall. Of course while Heather and I were in Jill Sanders, the rest of the group saw Anthony Edwards - goose!

 We ate lunch on the 9th floor of Barneys. No celebrity sighting but usually a coworker sees someone. However, the food was amazing (and pricey - thanks BBW!)

Lady Gaga has a limited time charity store set up on the 5th floor to benefit children. Wacky items (stiletto high heel xmas stockings to moustache candies) but was super cool.

 Our group was mid/uptown so we got the posh stores and central park. Was fun walking that part of town (last time was Soho by the NY BBW office).
William Tecumseh Sherman statue at the park - score!
We had to get to Chesley Market last before getting picked up at 5, so around 3:30 we tried to hail a cab on 81st (to get all the way to 15th!). Naturally it was the time that the drivers have a shift change - no one wanted to take us!!! After 20 mins, Anne told me to stick out my belly - ya right, like that would work. Sure enough in 1 min a guy pulled over and actually said he would take us. His words "Im taking the baby, not you" LOL. He was super nice. 

Overall awesome, fun, quick trip but nice to get back to my boys.

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Four to Score said...

AMAZING trip! what a super cool bbw xmas party, ha! i've never been but would love to check it out someday ;-)