Sunday, December 18, 2011

3rd trimester

Ahhhh the 3rd Trimester - this is going fast! 1st trimester: On and off sick! 2nd Trimester: Belly exploded quickly! 3rd Trimester: lets hope the fatigue doesn't set in till the last minute! She been good to mom the past 13 weeks. Kicking up a storm, not making me pee in the middle night too bad, but making me hungry! Heres a picture from last Monday (27 weeks). She is baking just perfect in there. 

Cant wait to meet her!

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Four to Score said...

HIIIIIIIIII baby C!! don't worry friend - i wont blab her name all over the place ;-) it's so cute though that i really want to. glad you're feeling good. only 13 more weeks, yay! does that mean you wont be making your usual march trip out?