Sunday, December 19, 2010

a week before christmas

Its less than a week till Christmas now! Saturday got us in the spirit. We started the morning with an extra long line at Starbucks (I needed my eggnog latte!), then to Danny's work who had Santa in for the kids. It was really sweet of them PLUS we didnt have to wait in a long line. After that, we headed to Easton for some shopping.

Danny and Jack waiting for Santa.

Who's this "Santa" you keep talking about?
Who this guy? He is kinda scary....
He is squishing me.
We are looking at the professional camera in this one.
After shopping we got supplies for our xmas cookies. This year Danny made his classic wreaths, chocoloate chip cookies (which he pulled a Margaux and forgot the brown sugar). I made chocolate truffles and sugar cookies (my sugar cookies were made from packaged dough and they spread while cooking so they lost their shape and I screwed up the frosting - so overall worst sugar cookies ever but they taste good).

Snow, Baileys, Bud Lights, Holiday movies, cookies, and a fire. Nothing was better this Saturday.

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Tara and Jeff said...

awe...I want your saturday please !!!