Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holidays are here

We had some snow this week but nothing too big (though it was super pretty!!). The tree went up the day after Tday but I needed a new skirt and I wanted to add red ribbon this year (in the past Ive done it but didnt have any so had to buy some). Its been freezing and it snowed last night little so no xmas outdoor lights yet. If we dont get them up this year - no big deal. We are kinda busy :)

Tree at night
Tree during the day (notice nothing on the bottom - dang pets!)

Front room
Family room - this was from thanksgiving. I love a good fire!
The wreath in the front room hangs from the 2nd story
Snow from Tuesday - terrible pic...but who left the beer bottle on the table out there?!!

Friday night we had a little elementary and middle school reunion! Only a few people came (maybe 12 total) but was still fun to see people!

Turns out chucks wife works in my building and he works at the Victoria Secret headquarter building next door!
Alex owns a dance studio
Sunny is finishing her PHD
Nikos I see all the time, chris - well ya I see him. And the other girl...i dont know who she is haha!

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Four to Score said...

the house looks fantastic as usual.

what a fun little reunion. i still talk to some peeps from elementary school too. i like that i went through all my schooling in the same neighborhood the whole way through.

i bet you were ready for some fun time ;-)