Sunday, December 5, 2010

6 weeks

6 weeks already! He is getting BIG (for a margaux and danny baby:)! We had a checkup on Tuesday - 9lbs 14 oz, 21.25' long and head is 15.25"! I bet he is over 10lbs today...he is getting heavy!

I also had my 6 week checkup....everything is great. We also got a picture of Jack with Dr Sabol since we forgot at the hospital. It was destiny that she be my OB (Ive had her since I moved here). We found out her son is Jack Christopher AND has a golden retriever named Parker!!!! CRAZY!!!!

This week was uneventful, did have a little snow though! Heres some of my favorite pics!

Grandpa and Bachan got him this highchair - of course its to soon to use it but we tried it out! He is great with his head up and did a great job. Cant wait!!

Napping :)
With Dr Sabol! he looks smooshed.
Bathtime!! He loves it!

Dannys cousin Vinnie and Andrea sent Jack the coolest gift - a Coopertown bat with his info engraved! So awesome. It will be hanging in his room soon!

He is starting to follow things more and he loves the rattle...

Here he is in the bumbo...again still too early (they say 3 months) but he holds his head up so great we had to try and he rocked it!

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Four to Score said...

look at him rockin the bumbo and high chair! kylee haaaaaated the bumbo, ha!

awwww.... 6 weeks already? I feel like he's gonna be 6 years old before I get to see him ;-(

that bat is super cute.