Sunday, January 31, 2010

fresh bathrooms

well I dont have any before pics...I mean I know I do but Im too lazy to look on old archived discs for them. But over the past 2 weekends, we put some new paint on the walls in 2 of the bathrooms. Changed from color to nice grays. I love them.

MASTER BATH: The master isnt quite done - we need a new light fixture (searched high and low and cant find we we like yet!) and I need to put 2 black and white pictures of the kiddos in the frames....but we painted it 2 different grays to give the room depth since its large and replaced the big 1 mirror with these cool 2 circles. We FINALLY got to the put up this cool candle "circuit" that Justin and Debi got us off from crate and barrel wedding registry. We were just waiting on the perfect place :) I still need to repaint the "toilet room" but its a muddish color so doesnt look to bad with this for now.

1ST FLOOR BATH: Its hard to tell in these pictures but its a nice cool gray on the walls. We had a bright reddish-orange so 100% different. We had the branch in our master but since we added the new wedding wall art, we put it in here. My brother Chris actually made it - it rocks.


Hayley said...

Very nice! I love how you have your house decorated so contemporary and clean! I also love wall deco you have in both bathrooms. Great colors!

Four to Score said...

super cool circle mirrors! your tub makes me wanna take a nice hot bubble bath in it, ha!

i dig the branch, it's neat.

i'm always jealous of your redecorating... ryan is so not a fan of doing anything ;-(

Tara and Jeff said...

Fantastic job Corrigans! I think you need come and decorate for us