Wednesday, January 20, 2010

bridal shower, babies, baseball & beer = Arizona visit #1 for the year

The countdown is on till Kim & Garys wedding! We flew to AZ last weekend for a quick visit. Saturday was Kims bridal shower. her MOH and mom did a great job setting it all up. It was at Kokopelli Winery in old Chandler. The weather was amazing! Lots of wine & good food. Here are a few shots.

Kims colors are Tiffany Blue and Orange (for his Syracuse U)

You know I had to make matching monogram prize bags - duh!
Mother-of-the-Bride and the Bride!

I wish the lady took a better pic of us...wheres margaux?
I wonder who made her that? BTW its a New England Pats shirt (thats for Gary :)

Danny golfed that morning and went to Ryan & Colleens so I met him there. They were having a cookout with friends and watching the Cardinals game - bummer they lost.

Here is Miss Kylee and mom :)
Nolan is such a sweetie!
Kylee is a ham :)
Loo! here is a picture of Colleen where she is NOT holding her own camera out!
Bella is just the cutest and full of crazy energy. I want to steal her.

Sunday was Maroni day! Thats Margaux + Joni for those of you who dont know. Lots of shopping and had to hit up IKEA!
Later that day, we went to watch Ryan and Danny play baseball!
Danny is soooo freaking hot when he plays...i love it!
Theres Ryan! hey batter batter batter! swwwwwwing!

Then I went to Brians to meet Aiden and Jace! They are my friends from my old softball teams new additions! the left is Jace (frank & tanya's) and the right is Aiden (brian & kristi's). They are sooo cute together!! Just months apart!
Monday afternoon we flew back and by the power of facebook, my cousins and us reunited! Turns out danny checked his facebook and Jessica's status was "3 hour layover in PHX" - get out!!!! She was even in terminal B. Erica (her sister) even had a layover too so we all had a beer! Erica had the stomach flu though. Oh and danny "bitch slapped" our waitress on accident. Crazy. We wouldnt have know about it if it werent for Facebook - !haha

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Four to Score said...

hmmm?... i thought i left a comment on here...

we were so happy to see you guys! boy did you guys cram a whole lot into a little time! and how crazy your cousins were at the airport at the same time as you guys?! yay for facebook!

and woo hoo for march!!!