Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Famous Corrigans

Ahhh and we are pubished again - but this time we are nationwide and in Canada :) I could get used to this.

So for Bath and Body Works spring 2010 collection, we emphased DIY and personalization. I worked on these giftsets that are keepsake boxes with a chalkboard finish (to write messages on) and a picture frame cutout. I also designed recordable picture frames ect. Anyhoo, I thought it would be fun to include my coworkers kids in the marketing! well, we needed a couple for our Valentines Day its Danny and I! So funny. I couldnt find any pictures that 1. werent us getting married and 2. where we didnt have a beer in our hand! But finally, i found one.

If you click the images you can see us a little better (these shots are taken off the BBW website). BUT they are in stores so next time you are at Bath and Body, take a look at the giftset :)


Hayley said...

Dude you are not serious are you? I was in B&BW yesterday, I thought I saw something familiar with those boxes but I didn't pay too much attn cause Hanna was having a fit and Brian was testing out all the hand soaps. I have to go back today so when I do I am gonna check it out. That is so freaking cool!!!!!!

BTW I believe you are serious I check the B&BW so I could show Brian. Way too cool!

Hayley said...

Oh and yesterday we rolled Hanna by the box sets with the littler child on it and she said "mommy it's Hanna" Great job BTW, I was draw to them cause the little frames had cute pictures in them ;)

Four to Score said...

my talented friend margaux... i can almost say that i have a famous friend, ha ha! as if the "margaux" bebe dress wasn't enough, right? now you have your face around the world. is danny embarrassed? probably not, he probably feels like a celebrity!

can't wait to see you guys next weekend. i reminded ryan yesterday to ask his sister to babysit for us. hopefully she can!