Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dane & Courtney's Reception

Last night we had a wedding reception for our moms friends son (old family friends). Dane & Courtney got married in June at a court house so this was a late celebration for family and friends. It was at an old wine cellar that was turned into a restaurant and banquet hall.

PS I think im going to wear this dress to your bridal shower Kim, too cute to wear 1 time :)

Well hello over there...

Moms date Dick came
Mom of the groom and Patty (too bad this flash was bright!)

Danny was so cute, no one was on the dance floor so he said "ok lets just get this over with" and we went out to get the party started!

Mom and Chris cut a lot of rug
Then "Sherman-Twin Dance OFF!"

Today parker played in the snow. Ok mainly ate it.

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Four to Score said...

the pics of you guys cuttin a rug are HILARIOUS!! it looks like you guys are the life of the party no matter where you go, ha!

but i LOVE that pic of parker with his snout in the snow. what a great pic!