Friday, April 12, 2013


I use this blog so family can see what's going on with the kids but to also rind myself what the kids are into and doing....semi baby book till I can record it (which all my friends know my kid books still aren't printed but just sitting on my laptop rrrr). Heres a few things that come to mind:

Jack 2.5 years:
He doesn't say "doing" he says "do-ding". Example: Wiley what are you do-ding? Or Stop do-ding that daddy. So cute.
Sings more songs: the theme song to caillou (he's obsessed), old Macdonald had a farm, 10 little monkeyed jumping on the bed, even sang the "nah nah nah" song when the white sox hit a home run while watching a game!
He likes money and says he needs to buy does he know money?
Sits in his bed and reads books to himself
Actually will count things on a page to 5 (though he counts much higher)
Will say whatever letter you point to
Claims his favorite letter is K

Riley 13 months:
Obsessed with the "is your momma a llama" and "brown bear" book. Says ba on the lamb page and moo on the cow page!
Does this weird clear her throat thing repeatedly...I think she likes the way it feels
Is really digging sesame street!
Says "wow"
Loves to flop onto pillows
Loves to play peak a boo to you (hide her face)
Puts her hand up and squeals bc she wants to hold your hand while walking.
Sits in chairs (big girl ones)
Carries her bookbag while walking to class.

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