Sunday, December 28, 2008

graces room

i helped my buddy Debi with her baby's room - little Grace! Debi's husband Justin & Danny went to the Steelers game so got to do baby stuff!

Debi wanted a princess look BUT not scream princess. we went to jo-anns and got some sheer stuff and lots of ribbon. We also got the G R A C E letters, painted them white and put pink polka dots on them! way cute. they painted the room pale yellow with cherry furniture and the cutest pink/yellow animal/polka dot bedding with matching lamp and things. this really tied the room together.

We put the sheers also over a window on the other side of the room. anyhoo - not being a girly girl, i still think its cute - mission accomplished. ** click the pics to see them better PLUS the pics are off the blackberry so not that great **

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Four to Score said...

super super cute. geez, where was aunt margaux 2 years ago? oh yeah, moving to ohio, that's where. kylee's room is still a disaster of design. i don't even wanna talk about nolans, for the love of god it's awful. oh well.