Sunday, December 21, 2008

football and holiday cookies

Sunday was cookie day. Danny is a hardcore christmas cookie maker but this year was tame compared to past seasons. My mom got him an apron that looks like santas jacket and oh yes he wore it but would break my legs if i took a picture of him in it. But you know Id wear AND get a picture in it for sure! we made those marshmellow/cornflake wreaths, chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips, and loads of sugar cookies. thats all. we didnt send any out this year so we didnt buck wild but that just means next year GAME ON.

Parker was helping dad.

Its wouldnt be a Corrigan Christmas without sugar cookies in the shape of baseballs, duh!

Parker posed by the fire for us...what a good girl.


Four to Score said...

oh my god, the pic of the dog is fantastic! love the cookies, looks like fun. wish i had time for some cookie time fun. maybe next year - the baseball ones are awesome! oh, and, LOVE the new background. you suck (not really). and by the way, the mag cover was hilarious. i meant to tell you that a while ago but i've been swamped. danny's mom brought the cutest gifts for the kids today. she always just leaves them at the door. wish she would knock, she could see the kids.

Tara and Jeff said...

I used to make those marshmellow cornflake cookies every christmas..haha I would shape them into christmas wreaths and put red hots on themm