Sunday, November 23, 2008


1. You don't have tickets but you go down at 8:00a anyways (with long johns and hand warmers)

2. Start drinking when you arrive.

3. Make new friends - who you won't remember b/c you drank too too.

4. Pretend to shoot down the Goodyear blimpe because it is Michigan colors.

5. Pose with Brutus the Buckeye.

6. Try on a Big Ten Championship ring that some random towel boy from the 90's had (while passing out free jello shots).

7. East lots of cooked meat.

8. Go to some bar to watch the game and get warm

9. Go to Blockbuster drunk and pose with teen heartthrob cutouts.

10. Go home and play with the dog then crash.


Four to Score said...

ummm.... it looks cold. when are you guys moving back? it's gonna be 80 and sunny today. and yes, you can kiss those days goodbye when baby comes!

Tara and Jeff said...

I'm living Vicariously through you !!!! GO GATORS....sorry guys

Aija said...

Funny and true!!!!!!!!!