Sunday, April 6, 2014

Big kids

Seriously - when did they get so big!

Riley (just turned 2): Talks just like jack - all sentences, no babble, tells you whats on her mind, what she wants, and what she see - its amazing! She swings on the big swings, sings the alphabet, counts to 16, drinks pretty well out of a big girl no lid cup, sleeps in her twin bed, draws faces, and has known all her colors for months which her teacher said none of the other kids are close to that!

Jack (almost 3.5): writes his friends names on their birthday cards, can do some addition on his hands with daddy, picked up how to shoot a bow and arrow in like 10 mina - seriously, hes good!, all his school work is done so well (circle the biggest item/draw lines to the same colors/draw the letter Q...), helps his sister a lot, and is just the sweetest kid on the planet.

Some videos of these amazing kids!

Swinging like a big kid:
Singing the alphabet:
Counting Raisins:
Bow and Arrow Savant:
Rileys loves doing puzzles/games/and quizes on her kindle - and shes super good at them!

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