Sunday, March 24, 2013

Corrigan Kids 1 and 2.5 years


she's doing great! As the last few posts show she points to face parts, says ball but now also says "ugh oh", "ki" for kiss, "whoa", hold the phone up to her ear and says "ello", and "vroom" for car (which she says as she plays with them or sees them - jack did the same thing!).

She blows kisses, goes to places you tell her (like the window or jacks room), go gets things when you ask, even grabs the snake stuffed animal chases you with it (which we do to jack). She climbs onto the couch but is soooo careful getting down and goes backwards....jack didn't do that at first so this is a plus! She loves to pretend cook/mix and play tea....even smacks her lips when she pretend eats. She dances to music and loves to run up to you to give you a hug. She walks all the way from the car to her classroom (or vice versa).

Jack: he's amazing. He counts to 15, sings take me out to the ballgame and happy birthday, helps with everything from sweeping to mixing food in the kitchen. He understands the concepts of today/yesterday, can spell his name and Riley's, and he can read them as well. He LOVES to play pretend (making food, pouring everyone tea, playing dr, being a fireman - he has such an imagination!!!

Watching them learn everyday is awesome!

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